Keeping your drainage system in great shape

Wear and tear over time and natural disasters can damage drainage systems. Thankfully, we offer driveway culvert replacement services. You can count on our team to replace your damaged culvert and get your property draining correctly again soon. Once we finish your job, you won't have to worry about water.

Reach out to us today about our driveway culvert replacement services.

Leave your drainage needs to us

The last thing you want is pooling water to create a swamp out of your lawn. Investing in quality drainage installation services or drainage relocation services can help address pooling water problems. Lee's Light Excavating and Rental has you covered when you need drainage repair, relocation or installation services for your property in Hampton, Flemington or Bridgewater, NJ.

We can make sure your property has a reliable drainage system that will:

  • Move water away from your building's foundation
  • Prevent water from pooling in your yard
  • Stop erosion due to poor grading

If you want to know more about our drainage installation, relocation and repair services, contact us today.


Driveway Drainage

Cleaned out & pitched ditch along driveway to allow water flow & prevent erosion.

Riprap stone was added to aide in water drainage and prevent vegetation from growing.